Saint Joan
by George Bernard Shaw
directed by Donnie Rigby
February 23, 24, March 1 and 2, 1980
Jean Inaba as Joan a mostly complete cast shot

STANDING: Mark Rearrick, Lynn Newman, Don Smith, Peter Ordelheide, Reg Unterseher, Stephen Payne (hat), Dave Stewart (hood), Carl Bartlett, Scott Gibson, Greg Brothers, James Dick, Dan Peshka, Mike Halley (arms folded), ??, Steve Winslett (beard), Sharon Fisher, Bonnie Paddock, Rick Gage, Dan Cary.

KNEELING: Mark Horsman, D.J. Magee, Ted Fontaine, ?, Jean Inaba, Jeff Metherell, Stan Maxted.

Greg Brothers, Scott Gibson, Jean Inaba, Ted Fontaine Peter Ordelheide, Jean Inaba, Dave Stewart Dan Peshka, James Dick
Greg Brothers, Don Smith, Jean Inaba Jean Inaba Jean Inaba, Ted Fontaine
Dan Cary, Bonnie Paddock Bonnie Paddock Mark Horsman, Mark Rearrick, Carl Bartlett Jean Inaba

Joan Jean Inaba
Bertrand De Poulengy Carl Bartlett
Steward Mark Horseman
Robert De Baudricourt Mark Rearrick
Archbishop of Rheims Greg Brothers
La Tremouille Rick Gage
Court Page Peter Ordelheide
Gilles De Rais Don Smith
Captain La Hire Jeff Metherell
The Dauphin (Charles) VII Scott Gibson
Duchesse De La Tremouille Bonnie Paddock
Dunios of Orleans Ted Fontaine
Dunois’ Page D.J. Magee
Earl of Warwick Steve Winslett
Chaplin De Stogumber Reg Unterseher
Cauchon-Bishop of Beauvais James Dick
Warwick’s Page Bryce Michel
The Inquisitor Dan Peshka
D’Estivet Wade Barns
De Courcelles Dan Cary
Br. Martin Ladvenu Dave Stewart
The Executioner Stan Maxted
The English Soldier Mike Halley
Gentleman of 1920 Stephen Payne
Court Lady Lynn Newman
Accessors and Pages Debby Jorgenson
Kelly Sutton
Sharon Fisher
Diane Wilson
Nannette Crowell
Howie Newsome
Linda Loy

DirectorDonnie Rigby
Assistant DirectorMuriel Prest
Line CoachRob Weller
Set DesignVanessa Ellis
Wayne Libby
Lighting DesignAndy Bowe
Costume DesignJune Smith
AssistantSharon Fisher
Set ConstructionDebby Jorgenson
Kelly Sutton
Diane Wilson
Dan Rich
Dave Stewart
SoundDave Stewart
PublicityStephen Payne
Program CoverVanessa Ellis

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