The Rivals
by Richard Sheridan
February 28, March 1, 7 and 8, 1987
Tag Peter Fackenthall
Coachman Thomas David Bell
Lucy Shelly-Jeane Unger
Lydia Languish Kym Philips
Julia Melville Constance Strahle
Mrs. Malaprop Elaine Gill 
Sir Anthony Absolute Kurt Kennedy
Captain Jack Absolute David Lennox
Faulkland Ben Cawthra
Bob Acres Scott Shugars
Boy Rob Ruder
Sir Lucius O'Trigger Cliff Dolph 
David Mark Wheeler
David Barry Moore
Maid Lisa Jervey
Director Donnie Rigby
Assistant Director Gloria Hitten
Costumes: June Smith
Jan Asher
Publicity & Programs Sherilee Goerlitz
Backdrop Design: Vernon Nye
Julie Sleeter
Backdrop Construction, Painting & Stagehands: Bruce Dixon
Rob Ruder
Doug Bryan
Hitomi Johnson
Mike Ladd
Lynell Childs
Kelli Rizzo
Anne Bullock
Make Up: Donnie Rigby
Gloria Hitten
Properties Jan Asher
Lighting: David Bell
Larry Witzel
Seating, Tickets & Ushers:  Sherilee Goerlitz

Rivals Program Cover
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