Picking Up Osiris
by Leanne Veverka
directed by Leanne Veverka

Duck Variations
by David Mamet
directed by Rudy Scott

LilithKimberly Eley
CieranNathan Williams
AnnaKeri Donaldson
FranAlison Preszler
Girl 1Emily Ashlock
Girl 2Julie Ballou
Girl 3Leanne Veverka
Girl 4Cindy Gall
Girl 5Leanna Long
Boy 1Kuyler Lang
Boy 2Tim Dunston
Boy 3Thoran Towler
AdrianJosh Reinbold
BenNathan Becraft
EmilBrian Elvin
GeorgeHolly Shivner

a monologue by Craig Lucas
enacted by Grant Flaiz
"Spoon River Anthology" (excerpt)
a monologue by Edgar Lee Masters
enacted by Christina Plantier
Producer Gary Wimer
Director, Picking Up Osiris Leanne Veverka
Director, Duck Variations Rudy Scott
Running Crew Mike Ward
Melissa Peckham
Lighting Amy Kingsbury
Public Relations Nikia Furman
Sound and Video Production Rudy Scott
Graphic Design/Layout Caryn Boyd
Stage Construction: Amy Kingsbury
Sarah Stanley
Jonny Hayasaka
Amber White
Rudy Scott
Gary Wimer
Heather Eick
Make-Up Andrea Rodenberg
House Manager Jamie Lund

This program was presented in Village Hall  on April 29, May 1 and 2 as a "Mere Ducks" Production.
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