Fifth Annual Festival of One Acts
March 3, 4, 10 & 11, 2001

Disturbed by Brad Boesen

Directed by: Kristin Smith
Cast: Megan Daly as Daphne, Fitch Venckleleer as Bob

Overtones by Alice Gerstenberg

Directed by: Dan Lounsbury
Cast: Elizabeth Bruch as Harriet, Heather Sandvik as Hetty, Julie Schaepper as Margaret, Erica Sharp as Maggie

The Boor by Anton Chekov

Directed by: Betsy Harlan
Cast: Nelita Davamony as Luka, Cindy Gall as Helena Ivanovna Popov, Lance Ivy as Grigori, Stepanovitch Smirnov

The Dark at the Top of the Stairs by William Inge

Directed by: Erich Dorzab
Cast: Emily Halvorsen as Cora, Ryan Deal as Rubin

The Actor's Nightmare by Christopher Durang

Directed by Adam Lombard
Cast: Tyler Webster as George Spelvin, Angie Cummings as Meg, Erica Sharp as Sarah Siddons, Lindsey Lombard as Dame Ellen Terry, Peter Schmidt as Henry Irving

Production Staff:
Executive Producer LuAnn Venden Herrell
Co-Producer Marilynn Loveless
Stage Manager/Props Keri Donaldson
Lights and Sound Jerry Entze
House Manager Jennifer Barton
Lighting Design Erich Dorzab
Poster Design Marcell Jenkins
Stage Foreman Jeremiah Burt
Press Jay Ham

March 1 Collegian Article
March 3 Review by Sarita McCaw
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