Second Annual Festival of One-Act Plays
February 26, 28, March 5 and 7, 1998
A Marriage Proposal by Anton Chekov
directed by: Claude Chappel IV
 cast: Melissa Andregg as Natalia, Doug Quast as Lomov, Aaron Heinrich as Trepan
Mental Reservation by Roger Cornish
directed by: Tim James
cast: Jeremy Duerksen, Miriam Castro
Impromptu by Tad Mosel
directed by: Bradley Nelson
cast: Stephanie Briggs, Jonathan Natiuk, Brenden Bliss, Shuree Torgerson 
(scenes from) Waiting for Godot and Catastrophe by Samuel Beckett
directed by: Jon Betlinski
cast: Jimmy Estes as Estragon, Jacy Nelson as Vladimir, Adam Gaines as the protagonist, Amy Rootvik as the director, Tara Jeske as the assistant 
The Maderati by Richard Greenberg
directed by: Ben Juhl
cast: Nathan Nelson as Martin, Grant Flaiz as Keene, Christian Plantier as Dewy 
Hello Out There by William Saroyan
directed by: Rudy Scott
cast: Jason Chamberlain as the lieutenant, Tami Wallace as Emily, Hans Klein, Jackie Ravine, Lorin Koch as Another Man
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