A Melting Season
by Sharon Houck Ross
May 9, 10, 13, 14, 16 and 17, 1998
Eliza/Gramma JessAudra Estes
Marcus WhitmanJimmy Estes
MusicianShannon Ford
CoyoteTara Jeske
Father Broulliet/TiloukaiktDaryl Manier
Clarissa Prentiss/Singing WomanElizabeth Nelson
Jac CollinsRachel Pappenfus
Henry Spalding/Joe LewisDoug Quast
Narcissa WhitmanJackie Ravine
Alice ClarissaShay Randall

DirectorKimberly Howard
Co-DirectorJon Betlinski
Concessions DirectorAaron Heinrich
House ManagerJamie Lund
Visual Effects CoordinatorRudy Scott
Assistant Visual Effects TechnicianBradley Nelson
Lighting CoordinatorNathan Nelson
Costume DirectorAndrea Rodenberg
Costume CoordinatorBianca Sanborn
Stage ManagerGary Wimer

This performance of "A Melting Season" was a world-premiere production.
Playwright Sharon Houck Ross was present on opening night.

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