Love is Eternal
by Irving Stone, adaptation by Ruth Stergel
directed by Donnie Rigby
February 25, 1962
Mary Todd Lincoln Mrs. Genevieve McCormick, assistant dean of women
Abraham Lincoln H. Lloyd Leno, assistant professor of music
Elizabeth Todd Edwards Mrs. Donnie Rigby, instructor in speeach
Ninean Edwards Dr. Melvin K. West
Mercy Levering Mrs. John Thorne
James Conklin Paul Miller
Steven Douglas Ralph Jones
Alli Mrs. DeEtta Olson
Dr. and Mrs. Houghan Elder and Mrs. J. Paul Grove
Mrs. Dresser Mrs. Charlotte Scyphers
Sarah Marshall Mrs. Melvin Zolber
Beth Grimsley Mrs. Frank Meckling
Stockpole Elder G. S. Balharrie
first caller Mrs. Jackie Ladd
Edwin Stanton H. D. Schwartz
Tad Lincoln Johnny Balharrie
Stoddard Eugene Golles
taxpayer Miss Ruth E. Burgeson

Director Mrs. Donnie Rigby
Costumes Mrs. Cliffton C. (June) Smith
Props The Barn, antique furniture shop in Walla Walla

"Love is Eternal" was performed as entertainment for an ASWWC sponsored banquet in Columbia Auditorium.
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