by Bertolt Brecht
February 27, 28, March 5 and 6, 1988
Galileo Galilei Scott Shugars
Andrea Sarti: Shelley-Jeane Unger
Greg Unger
Mrs. Sarti Paula Hunt
Virginia Galilei Kelli Rizzo
Inquisitor Ben Cawthra
Young Monk David Lennox
Ballad Singer Reinhard Czeratzki
Additional Actors: Kevin Stinson
Kurt Kennedy
Rob Ruder
Randy Croft
Larry Walker
Wes Burden
Susan Denhardt
Lisa Jervey
Jan Asher Dolph
Terry Gray
Alisa Wigley
Mark Aiona
James Hannum
Carlos Jacque

Director Donnie Rigby
Assistant Director Constance Strahle
Costumes: June Smith
Denise Armstead
Sonja Thygeson

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