Floating Redundant
by Kimberly Howard in collaboration with Jason Chamberlin
April 22, 1999
Kimberly Howard as The Clown
Producer Gary Wimer
Director Jason Chamberlin
Lighting Emily Ashlock
Sound Rudy Scott
Running Crew: Michael Ward
Brian Bell
Amy Kingsbury
Caryn Boyd
House Manager Jamie Lund
Set Design Mark Kuntz
Set Construction: Sarah Stanley
Brian Bell
Jason Chamberlin
Mark Kuntz
Gary Wimer
Amber White
Costumes: Amber White
Kimberly Howard
Public Relations Nikia Furman
Graphic Design/Layout Caryn Boyd
Voices: Emily Ashlock
Aaron Canwell
Grant Flaiz
Rudy Scott
Holly Shivner

"Floating Redundant" had one performance at WWC on April 22. Another performance was held in Cordiner Hall on the Whitman College campus on June 2, and the play was also taken to New York City, where it played in the Gene Frankle Theatre June 18-21 and 25-28. 

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