The Family Nobody Wanted
by Helen Grigsby Doss, adaptation by Christopher Sergel
directed by Donnie Rigby
April 14, 1962
Reverend Carl DossGeorge Sellers
Mrs. Helen DossElaine Spoden
Mr. JohnsonBruce Craig
Mrs. JohnsonLinda Osborne
Miss ReillyBrenda Hoatson
Mrs. ParkinsonJeanette Hoel
Mrs. AllenIla Russell
Mrs. HardyJanice Monson
Bill ThomasGail Brown
Nan JohnsonTerry McFee
Don DossDoug Wells
Diane DossSusie Anduha
Laura DossGeraldine Ng
Rita DossMarge Vaselenko
Timmy DossRon Krause
Ted DossJoe Homann
Alex DossJim Epperson

"The Family Nobody Wanted" was performed as entertainment for the 16th annual AGA "Hour of Charm" program. 
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