The Great Divorce
by C.S. Lewis, adapted by Bradley Nelson
May 12, 13, 17, 19 and 20, 2001
"...suddenly all was changed...""The morning! The morning!"
"Then only one expedient remains."If the imaginary became real, could you handle it?All in a day's work.
The charming (albeit huge) cast!
C.S. Lewis Will Frei
Intelligent Weird Ghost Lance Ivy
Tousle Jeremiah Burt
Spirit 1 Heather Sandvik
Big Ghost & Free Spirit Dennis Huynh
Spirit 2 Tim Ruybalid
World Traveler Ross Brown
George MacDonald Adam Lombard
Old Woman Elizabeth Bruch
Spirit 3 Heidi Schaepper
Fast-Talking Ghost Cindy Gall
Artist Erich Dorzab
Spirit 5 Lindsey Lombard
Wife Stephanie Binns
Spirit 4 Megan Daly
Husband Jonathan Schulze
Mother Cherie Rutan
Spirit 6 Fitch Venckeleer
Lizard Girl Kristin Taylor
Lizard/Cat Kristin Smith
Spirit 7 Keri Donaldson
Frank Ryan Deal
Tall Ghost & Spirit 7 Erica Sharp
Sarah Smith Betsy Harlan
Sprites: Alexandra Buell
Victoria Buell
Kristianna Buell

Production Staff:
Director   Marilynn Loveless
Dramaturge   LuAnn Venden Herrell
Assistant Director   Bradley Nelson
Technical Director   Rudy Scott
Lighting Design   Erich Dorzab
Sound Design   Lorin Koch
Set Design   Marilynn Loveless
Costume/Make-up Design   Alexia LeFore
Technical Crew:   Josh Reinbold
Daniel Greenlaw
Andrew Grove
House Manager   Jamie Lund
Stage Manager/Properties   Jerry Entze
Costumes:   June Smith
Whitman College-Barbara Stone
The Little Theatre-Patricia Wilson
Box Office   Doug Taylor
Ushers:   Kami and Dan Stuehrenberg
Poster Art   Kuyler Lang
Poster Design   Bradley Nelson
Playbill Design   Naoyuki Numata
Flautists   Michelle Hoag
Laura Anne DeBruler

Video Production:
Technical Director Bradley Nelson
Cameras: Rudy Scott
Daniel Lounsbury
Sound Lorin Koch
Teleprompter John McMackin
Lighting Design Rudy Scott
Video Editing: Bradley Nelson
Jerry Hartman
Costume/Make-up Design Alexia LeFore

May 9 Union-Bulletin Article (no longer available online)
May 10 Collegian Article

May 13 review by Sarita McCaw

Bradley Nelson, a senior communications student, was granted an official adaptation license by the C.S. Lewis Estate in England to adapt "The Great Divorce" as a stage production. Please direct script enquiries to Bradley Nelson directly at

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